The Church in Today's Cultural Context

The Church in Today's Cultural Context

November 7, 2021 10:45am


Let's explore together how the church can improve her witness for Jesus Christ!

The Church Universal holds a privileged position in God's plan for the world, entrusted with witnessing to the Gospel before the world.  The Church in North America does this in a complex cultural context.  People struggle to discover who they are and why they are here.  The Church has the answer, but to effectively witness to it, she must be clear about who she is and BE who she claims to be.  This study explores the components of the Church's identity and ways in which she can more effectively witness to the Gospel.

We will focus on the concept of identity and on the four marks of the Church, Unity, Holiness, Catholicity, and Apostolicity as the basis as understanding the Church and the witness of the Church.  We will seek both correct Biblical understanding and practical ways to use what we learn in our own context.

This class will be held in-person and online.  Please use the link below to register.  We welcome online participants!  A Zoom link will be sent to all who register prior to the first class.  

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