Walk With Him

by Scott Vance on January 11, 2022

1 Samuel 5 (click here to read the scripture)
Once again, we have this great narrative account that raises that important question, “Why are we being told this story?”  This account connects back to chapter four when the people of God are trying to manipulate the Lord through the use of the Ark of the Covenant.  
The Ark has been captured by the Philistines and a crazy, awesome spiritual battle ensues.  When the Philistines place the Ark next to their god, Dagon their aim is to show that they and their god won a victory over the Israelites, and more importantly, a victory over God.  In effect, the Philistines were saying, “Our god is better than the Lord.”  However, God is not defeated!  That's the point when Dagon is found lying prostrate before the Ark, and then Dagon is defeated a second time when its hands and head are broken off.  God is awesome!  He is Lord over all.  He is sovereign and the victor!
In chapter four and here again in chapter five, we have these great examples of how the Lord is sovereign over all things.  We simply can't place God in a box and try to contain Him or manipulate Him to meet our needs as we see fit.  From all of this, we need to learn to humble ourselves before the Lord, to seek His will for our lives, and to trust His leadership.  That's easy to say, but it's often the very thing that we wrestle with in our relationship with the Lord—control.  We are a people who want to be in control.   and it's strange, frustrating, and even frightening for us not to have control.
An example of this is the Pepsi commercial where Jeff Gordon pretends to be an “average person” shopping for a car.  During a test drive, he gives the salesman the ride of his life!  Through the whole test drive, the salesman is at the mercy of Jeff Gordon, who is giving this salesman much more than he bargained for.  In the end, the salesman is furious, until he figures out what's actually happened.  His next words are, "Can we do it again?"  Total trust as we walk with the Lord.
That's where we need to be in our relationship with God.  The Lord invites us to walk with Him.  It's a wild journey at times, but we can totally trust the Lord.  And when we do, it's amazing and we will be at that place where we are asking God, "Can we do it again?"  Remember God – thankfully - won’t fit in any box!
Where do you need to let go and trust the Lord and walk with Him?  I can think of at least a dozen places in my life right now.  But the awesome thing when we trust the Lord and walk with Him in this way is that He does more than we would ever ask or imagine.  The real question is, are you ready for where the Lord will lead you as you walk with Him?
God bless you and know that you are prayed for constantly!
And if there is anything specific that I can be praying about for you, let me know and I would be delighted to do so.
Your friend in Christ,


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