Make a Choice

by Scott Vance on November 16, 2023

John 9 (ESV)
The Miraculous Sign
John 9 (ESV)
One last look into this amazing chapter.
Please read through the chapter one more time and as you read, please focus on the formerly blind man’s journey of faith.
As the blind man goes through this journey, we get an amazing revelation regarding the identity of Jesus in this chapter.
It starts at the moment that the man born blind receives his sight in verse eleven.  When his friends and neighbors question how his eyes were opened, the man tells what he knows.  He says the man called Jesus opened my eyes.
Remember, this guy knows nothing about Jesus, what Jesus looks like and, as far as we know, the man doesn’t know anything else about Jesus’ character or teachings because he hasn’t personally been following Jesus. 
So he sticks to what he knows—the man, called Jesus, healed me.
The next step in revelation comes in verse 17 when the man born blind states that Jesus is a Prophet.  In this instance, this is about the highest title the man can give Jesus.  Because of what’s happened to him, the formerly blind man has come to believe that Jesus is a man of God therefore, Jesus must be a Prophet.
The next step in revelation comes when the man responds to Pharisees questioning and he asks them if they want to become Jesus’ disciples as well.  In that context, to become a disciple of someone took commitment as a person would often follow a teacher, and it demonstrated a certain trust in and loyalty to the teacher.
In the heat of the argument with the Pharisees, the man born blind doesn’t hold back and he says, “Why do you keep questioning me—do you ALSO want to become Jesus’ disciple?” 
Through all this questioning the man born blind has been doing a lot of thinking.  He is growing in his convictions regarding Jesus’ identity and rightly decides that it’s fitting to give Jesus his loyalty and become a disciple of Jesus.
In verse 33 the confidence of the man born blind regarding the identity of Jesus increases even more and we see that as he declares Jesus to be from God.  Who else but a man of God could have performed such a miraculous healing?
Finally, in that wonderful and gratifying moment when the man meets and sees Jesus face to face, we get to hear his amazing confession of faith.  He calls Jesus “Lord” and worships Him.
For this formerly blind man, Jesus is no longer just a man doing good things, Jesus isn’t just someone who has come from God and Jesus is more than someone to be respected and followed.
The man has come to realize the true identity of Jesus.  He is the Son of Man, the Lord, and worthy of the man’s life, trust, praise, and worship.
Every title given to Jesus by this man reveals more and more of Jesus’ identity.  Every title has been a revelation of grace, allowing the man born blind, and us, to see the real Jesus, the Son of God, the Lord, the only one worthy of our life, trust, faith, and worship.
Great stuff, but so what?  It’s wonderful to see this man’s journey of faith, but what about us?
As we read the story about the man born blind and his journey of faith, we are invited to make a choice of our own regarding how we see Jesus.
Is He only a good man who did good deeds?
Is He just a godly guy, one who is close to God and who should be honored and respected?
Is Jesus merely a historical figure who is worthy to be studied and followed, who has knowledge and wisdom that will benefit us, making us into a better person, or who will possibly help us to live and have a better life?
Or is Jesus worthy of your whole life and worship?
Every title given to Jesus in this chapter spills over each other, drawing us deeper, helping us to see the true identity of Jesus, the real Jesus—not just our limited image of Him.
Gary Burge, in his commentary on John’s Gospel, asks a great question of us.
All the evidence of the miracle and Jesus’ identity are here.  Now, will I believe with the blind man—or will I ask antagonistic questions?
Who is Jesus and what choice will you make regarding who He is?
God bless you and know that I’m praying for you constantly.


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