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He Sees You


What audience do you play for in order to win their approval?  Think about that for a minute?  Do you play for the audience of your boss and co-workers, perhaps a teacher or classmates?  Your audience might be your family or it could be your friends.  Or it could be that you crave the applause of others through social media., or perhaps even at church.

In this passage Jesus is calling us to be intensely aware of the fact that we have a Heavenly Father, who is good, who we can trust, who sees us and is watching us, and who, in the end will reward us.  What's important to grasp in this passage is that when we know that God sees us-and that it's enough for us that He is pleased-then we're free.

Speaker: Scott Vance

January 23, 2022

Matthew 6:1-6'>Matthew 6:1-6

Scott Vance

Pastor, Head of Staff

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