Dnow Groups

What are DNOW Groups?

One of the things that we’ve realized after walking through the book of Acts is that God is calling us to be His sent missional people in our community and our world. Let me take a moment to define things a bit further for you.
  • “Missional” is best understood as being sent out as a faithful witness for Christ in every situation that we find ourselves in as we share our faith in relationship with others by what we do and say.
  • “Discipleship” is can be understood as pursuing the Lordship of Christ in every area/aspect of our lives.
  • “Process” is the understanding that in scripture we are called and urged to grow and mature as missional disciples of Christ in our world; we are His sent missional people in our community, culture and world.
  • DNOW GROUPS (“D” meaning discipleship) are the groups which are formed annually that intentionally pursue that process of becoming what we are called to be; God’s sent missional people.

DNOW groups are small groups (8-10 people) which commit to being together for at least three years to engage in the process of becoming a fully devoted, missional disciples of Christ. These small groups are a way for people to meet regularly to explore Scripture, fellowship together, encourage and pray for each other and discover how to be faithful witnesses for Christ in their world (Acts 1.8). This is accomplished as groups pursue three things together:

  1. Encourage and form an incredibly solid foundation of faith in a person’s life.
  2. Help every disciple of Christ know the story of Scripture.
  3. Give participants the opportunity to engage in one of any number of the vast missional opportunities that are present in our community and church.

It is my prayer and my deepest hope that you will join a DNOW group as you seek to intentionally strengthen your relationship Christ and pursue your calling as God’s witness in our community, culture and world.

Basic Outline of Content for the DNOW Process:

  • Year One: The Story and shared missional experiences.
  • Year Two: Growing our understanding regarding the nature and character of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and continuing Spiritual Formation. Increasing our missional experiences.
  • Year Three: Purpose and Calling; exploring spiritual giftedness, wiring and leadership, exploring potential calling as a disciple of Christ. Even more missional experiences. Graduation of your group!
Sign ups for DNOW groups happen in July. Be watching and listening for your opportunity to join.